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Platform Strategies
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1. Initial Briefing

The project kicked off with in-depth discussions with the book's authors and publishers to grasp their vision for the landing page. This step was crucial for aligning the website's goals with the book's core message and target audience.

2. Target Audience Analysis

Identifying the target audience (professionals, students, and individuals interested in platform business models) helped tailor the design and content strategy to meet their preferences and informational needs.

3. CMS Selection

A Content Management System (CMS) was chosen for its flexibility, ease of use, and ability to support the project's requirements. The CMS allowed non-technical team members to update content, manage SEO settings, and adjust the site's layout without needing to code.

4. Training and Handover

Upon completion, the project team provided training to the book's authors and publishers on how to use the CMS. This empowered them to manage the website's content, update information, and keep the site fresh and relevant.

CMS Integration
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